Do the following frustrate, confuse or create additional stress for you?

When your clients buy products on Amazon?

When your clients lack compliance which equates to a lack of results?

When it takes a company 24-48 hours to answer a question on protocol support?

results for your Clients with superior products

"Before Country Doctor, I experienced a lot of belching and bloating on a daily basis. Occasionally I had very nasty smelling gas. There were also times of dizziness and headaches.

Now I have very little gas or bloating. Almost no belching or passing gas. No headaches for weeks, and no more dizziness!"

-Linda G.

Top 10 reasons to join country Doctor

  1.  High Quality Ingredients
  2. No Minimum Order Requirements
  3. No Monthly Minimum Requirements
  4. FDA & State Compliant Lab
  5. Exclusivity to Your Zip Code
  6. Free Shipping on Orders over $300
  7. Tools & Systems to Obtain Results & Increased Profitability
  8. Ongoing Training & Support
  9. Weekly Specials of Buy 4 Get 1 Free!
  10. Not Available for Purchase on Third Party Sites Which Equates to not Competing with  Sites such as Amazon or E bay

"I was in pain 90% of my day, if not, moving from swelling and inflammation. I constantly felt frustrated and depressed with how much it limited my life. I had been working on following an anti-inflammatory diet, which helped me manage the pain I was in, but I was almost always in some pain.

My pain is way lower. I would say that 90% of my day I am NOT in pain. I have been able to resume a normal life, and have been able to work out again! Because of how much my life has changed, I have had a more positive outlook. I am looking forward to continuing this program to keep improving my health."

-Benjamin P.

"My health was struggling, I had terrible heartburn and indigestion, to the point where I could barely sleep through the night. So many things would trigger the fire in my chest and I could never figure out what was the cause. I also was always bloated and felt run down and exhausted.

Fast forward 5 months and now I feel AMAZING! I have not purchased a package of acid re-flux pills in months or had to pop a tums. I feel less bloated and have amazing energy, sleep amazing and all around happier. This experience has been LIFE CHANGING! Happier, healthier life."

-Candace D.

"Most of my life I have struggled with digestion issues and abdominal pain. I have gone to the doctor numerous times over the years and have had various scans and colonoscopies done to figure out what is causing the issues. Nothing has ever been found and the Doctors resort back to saying that most abdominal pain goes undiagnosed. About six years ago I started having some fairly significant issues with anxiety. The anxiety caused me to feel like dirt some days. I would lay awake at night feeling my heart thumping away in my chest. I had zero patience, wan angry a lot and my poor family had to deal with me! Eventually I went to my doctor who prescribed a prescription medication for anxiety. It worked. I felt much better…For about six months. Then the prescription medication started causing me other health issues (those pesky side effects), and I had to stop taking it. My wife started telling me about what tina was doing at Peake Wellness Center and pushed me to go see her. I resisted. I have always been a “the doctor can fix it” kind of person, and if the doctor can’t figure it out, it can’t be fixed. I eventually got miserable enough that I gave in. It was worth a shot. The first time I saw Tina and she went through the process of testing me for foods, metals, etc., I was blown away at what she was finding through her process. I learned that I was feeding my issues, literally! Food that I ate and vitamins that I was taking did not agree with my body…and she can find that! It amazes me what the body can tell you. Things a “scan” won’t. Tina was able to pinpoint the exact types of food I needed to avoid, and what things my body was deficient in that she could fix through natural supplements. It has taken a few months to get my body adjusted, but now I feel great. Great! I don’t have the abdominal pains that I had almost constantly. I don’t have the anxiety issues and because of that I am a much happier person! I no longer live in an angry, stressed out world constantly, where any little thing could set me off. I finally feel healthy. Seeing Tina is one of the best things that I have done for my health!"



"Huge shout out to April and the girls at Living with Elevation, not only are they the most friendly girls, I know they are the most caring and compassionate. I have been going there going on 2 years now and have had nothing but positive results. I love how April helps you find the root cause of a problem instead of masking it with prescriptions. If I'm battling yeast we figure out what foods I’m eating that are feeding it, if it's fatigue we work on adrenal support, you name it she will figure it out!! I love that she teaches us that the foods we are putting in our bodies are most times what is causing the ailments and that making just small changes can make the biggest difference. I started my wellness journey with the Country Doctor and knowing that Dr Dan has guided April gives me all the confidence in the world that if I'm having a problem she will see to it that we change up my diet and get the right supplements to take care of it!!!! Thank you for being you and doing so many great things to help not only me but others in our community and surrounding areas to be their best version of themselves!!! I will forever be thankful for all the support and friendship I have received from you and your staff; you gals are amazing!!!!!!"