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Should I get another Certification or Mentorship?

It seems we live in a day and age when information is at an all-time high; however weeding through actual quality and valuable information is another story. It’s been my experience over the past 20 years and really since 1983 when I started my career in business, that understanding, asking and answering honest questions for myself is key to staying on course with the direction I want to go for my career.

The following information is my attempt to capture what I believe to be very important questions I’ve had to ask myself over the years, and important questions that others have asked of me to consider.

I believe it is part of my professional responsibility to maintain ongoing education, that said I will always enhance my current chosen skillset. However, where do you find practitioners who are actually in a practice setting and willing to teach others. Not an easy task but I have found a few over the years and leading into my commitment to seeing them on an annual basis for continuing education. I thought it wise to share with you some of the questions that lead me to those mentors.

You can probably guess one of them already, are they in practice?

Next, does their chosen modalities enhance my chosen modalities?

Do I receive continuing education units for attending this seminar or class?

What is the time and financial commitment on my part to receive the education?

Will I be able to recoup and increase revenue by getting this education?

I also must ask myself to have questions regarding the flip-side of the decision.

Why shouldn’t I get involved with this mentor or educational certification?

I use these type of questions regardless if it’s a mentor I’m choosing or a class I wish to take. The person giving the class must not be educating me from the standpoint of theory, research, or just plain conjecture. I need to be able to site and back up the information with actual hands-on practical experience because that’s what I do.

Finally, I always go to people I hold in high esteem, people who I respect and ask them how would they look at the current decision I need to make. Knowing me as they do, does this make sense for me to participate in? The reason this question can be so valuable is because my circle of influence, people I trust and respect, are not usually emotionally invested in the decisions that I have to make. So they can see the path for me much clearer than I can for myself at times.

I hope this brief overview of some of the things you must consider before investing time in money in mentorship or additional certifications is helpful. Clearly these questions just scratch the surface but it’s enough to get you started thinking in terms of why should I and why shouldn’t I invest in something.

Dan Young, BCTN, BCN, CNC

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