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Do you have clients disappear and it leaves you wondering why?

Do you feel like your community isn't embracing natural health?

Do you struggle to make your services affordable for your community while

positioning your business to be prosperous?



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How does a small town natural health practice develop over 700 active clients with over 250 that have been active for over 10 years? It doesn’t happen by accident or luck and we are sharing all of our secrets to success!!

Eliminate guesswork, hesitation & frustration in your Natural Health Business learning how to:

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*Build Relationships that Last

*Streamline your Business System

*Simplify Education to Retain Clients Long Term

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Learn from over 22 years of real Clinical Experience with Board Certified Traditional Naturopath Dan Young. 

The only platform built by Practitioners for Practitioners!

Practice BluePrint also has a Hands on Mentorship and one on one coaching available for Practitioners!
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