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"It is believed that 70-80% of our immune system is made up of friendly flora. Friendly bacteria or intestinal flora (the Microbiome) is essential to good health. Flora is located primarily in the lower bowel or colon area.


Natural flora can be damaged by oral pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics, chlorinated water intake, some food additives and environmental toxins. A balance of friendly flora is critical to your good health! Replenish bowel flora regularly! - Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.



Proprietary blend - Over 2 billion cfu, L. acidophilus, B. Bifidum, B. Longum, FOS (fructo oligosaccharides), Agaricus bisporus, Champignon Mushroom



Aids in the body's natural ability to prevent parasites, enhances immune system regarding yeast fungus overgrowth, aids in normal digestion of food. Helps prevent constipation, gas and acid overload. May impact healthy cholesterol, prevents frequent colds/flu, chronic fatigue, bad breath and body odor.



Two capsules daily or as suggested by a Natural Health Practitioner.



Two capsules daily, 6 days a week.



Make BioFlora a routine part of client protocols if they have been on antibiotics, birth control medication, chemotherapy treatment or any oral pharmaceutical drug. For additional immune support use with HP Echinacea. If additional digestive support is needed, use with CDH S-Zymes and CDH Digestive/HP DGEST.


SIZE: 90 Capsules

CDH BioFlora

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