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Today more than ever we find it necessary to have a quick, easy reference to valuable insight regarding protocol selection and the use of Country Doctor Protocols with maximizing the results clients can achieve.


The Clinical Reference Guide serves as a professional tool and should be consulted daily before during or after consultations in order for the practitioner to become a master at protocol selection, dealing with complex cases where the client has physical and/or neurological expression of diminished performance.


We know from our 20 years of clinical experience that the content of this guide has proven itself reliable, safe and filled with efficacy regarding solving these complex cases. I would encourage you to do the following three things.


1.     Purchase the Guide
2.     Read cover to cover an capture individual ideas for handouts you wish to create in your office
3.    Keep this publication handy in your exam rooms and as a desk reference, therefore having more than on copy on hand makes the most sense.


We are pleased to be in the stages of our third printing of this particular guide so the second addition, this format you now are viewing on the wholesale website will be modified in the weeks or months to come. So capturing this edition is a wise idea because we may be changing some formatting for the future.


In closing however I can assure you regardless of which edition you purchase you will be glad you did and saw your clients.



Not for reproduction, product information for clients should be printed from this website. 


**Price includes Sales Tax**

Clinical Reference Guide-3rd Edition

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