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Most of our clients are amazed at the rapid effectiveness and response they get from this healing oil.  Just rub in the oil and in a few short days normal function begins to appear!  This oil will penetrate deeply into tissue and when used with the recommended hot and cold therapy, HP DERMA CALM will speed and aid normal healing...miraculously!" -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.


Proprietary Blend - Arnica flowers, Calendula flowers, Ginger root, Habanero Peppers, St. John’s Wort, Jojoba oil, Menthol crystals, Olive oil, and Wintergreen oil.

A powerful natural healing and discomfort relieving oil used very effectively to reduce disfunction in joints, tendons, ligaments, cartilage and muscles. Works to promote the healing process for people concerned with arthritis, bursitis, lumbago and muscle or bone pain injuries. 

FOR TOPICAL USE ONLY. Use one or more droppers full on the affected area and rub in well. To intensify the protocol, take a hot bath or shower before applying, then rub in the oil gently into the open pores.

Daily, alternate very hot water over the injury for 1 minute and then ice cold water over the injury for 1 minute. Alternate this hot and cold therapy 7 to 10 times.
Use with caution on or around sensitive areas of the body. Wash hands after application.

SIZE: 2 oz. 

HP DERMA CALM (Topical only)

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