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    "HP MALE is designed to out-perform synthetic products without the devastating side effects and after effects. This formula supports normal body function as it relates to male energy, sexual drive and overall performance. It can be used by men of all ages needing a natural support for their sexual drive or regain their physical and mental libido.

    Many men with sexual dysfunction concerns have been using this formula successfully. Some were the unfortunate aftermath of prostate surgery, coronary by-pass surgery or other surgery. Some impotence was due to disease and illness; some was psychosomatic. 

    This product contains Ginseng, one of the most praised and revered herbs on the planet.  Ginseng contains rare essential trace elements and is powerful in its ability to naturally support an increase in energy, vitality and sexuality.  It is famous for 'giving strength to the weak.'" -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.


American Ginseng root, Licorice root, False Unicorn root, Saw Palmetto berry, Sarsaparilla root, Ginger root, Pumpkin seed, Yohimbe bark, and Cayenne pepper.


HP MALE assists in rebuilding weak malfunctioning areas and organs. This formula supports manly energy, sexual drive. This is an all natural herbal food of phytonutrients needed by the body to support male hormones. It supports normal balancing of male hormones and tones the endocrine system.


Eliminate all fried food from the diet. Start each day with HP SuperFood.  Begin a Basic Foundation Program by doing a bowel cleanse with HP ICF #1 and ICF #2.


2 droppers full 3 to 4 times daily. Two to 4 droppers full may be taken 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. Use  may be increased as recommended by a health care professional. This product is most effective if used consistently over a period of 3 to 4 months. 

SIZE: 2 oz. 


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