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    "The brain is vulnerable to lack of oxygen and glucose. HP MEM-CAL not only supports a normal blood blood supply to the brain, it provides herbal based nutrients to the brain cells. Nourishment allows the brain to function efficiently in the removal of toxins and waste. 

    It has been found the lack of nutrients to the brain may cause serious concerns with memory. If the brain can be naturally supported in order to cleanse, repair, and rebuild, brain concerns such as dementia, forgetfulness, memory loss, lack of recall, and senility  be lessened. 

    An interesting side has been observed in the wild, elephants will go out of their way to locate and eat Gota Kola. We have all heard elephants live a long life and Never Forget!!" -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.


Ginkgo leaf, Gota Kola, Periwinkle herb, Blessed Thistle herb, Lily of the Valley root, Rosemary leaf, Blue Vervain herb, Schisandra berry and Cayenne pepper.


Supports normal blood flow to the brain thereby supporting oxygen and nutrients which feed the brain. 


Test for chemical/heavy metal toxicity. For best results take in conjunction with all HP Foundational Programs. A clean, non-toxic blood stream is essential to proper cleansing and nourishing of the brain. Excess aluminum in the body can create brain dysfunction. Chemicals/Metals can be chelated with herbs and the help of a cold laser (LLLT). 


Two droppers full 3 times daily or as recommended by a health care professional.  In cases of severe or chronic memory loss, dose can be doubled. Consume one gallon of liquid daily in a combination of distilled water, herbal teas and pure vegetable juices. Allow three to six months for noticeable results and nine to twelve months for dramatic results.


SIZE: 2 oz. 


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