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    "Many clients discover this formula works to help normalize the bowel when there is a presence of colon polyps, antidote to food poisoning and other types of poisoning. Some clients have complained to me about having to repeat the colon cleanse a series of times. My best analogy to this don’t take a shower just once per month to cleanse the outside of your body. If you have been living in our great country for any length of time and eating the standard America diet, (SAD) your digestive tract and elimination organs are filthy and require more than one cleansing. At Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we believe the colon should be cleansed with each change of the season: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Death begins in the colon...keep it clean!" -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.


Flax seed, Apple Fruit Pectin, Pharmaceutical Grade Bentonite Clay, Slippery Elm bark, Psyllium seeds and husks, Fennel seed, Peppermint leaf, activated Willow Charcoal, Marshmallow root. 


Use with HP ICF #1.  This formula is a strong intestinal cleanser and has a vacuum like effect on the intestinal colon walls.  It draws accumulated fecal matter and built up mucous lining off the walls of the colon and out of any bowel pockets.  It will cleanse the small intestinal tract and enliven the villi for nutrient absorption as well as remove accumulated poisons, toxins, parasites and heavy metals.  This formula promotes the bodies ability to remove any drug residue lingering around in the digestive tract.  Its mucilaginous properties will soften hardened, encased fecal matter for easy removal.  HP ICF #2 is an excellent protocol for any inflammation in the intestines such as diverticulitis or irritable bowel.


Take this formula 5 times daily until the complete 8 ounce container has been used.  For the first 5 to 6 days, one hour after your morning SuperFood drink, mix 1 heaping teaspoon of Herbal ICF #2 powder with four ounces of water or beverage of choice.  Use a pint jar for ease in mixing.  Put the liquid into the jar, add the HP ICF #2 powder, shake vigorously, un-cap and then drink all of the mix. Follow up by drinking an 8-10 ounce glass of water.  Repeat 1/2 hour before lunch, between lunch and dinner, 1/2 hour before dinner, and 1 hour before bedtime, so you are consuming a total of 5 heaping teaspoons of the formula each day.  Use with companion product, ICF #1.


During dinner take HP ICF #1 as recommended but increase recommended use by one additional capsule, or more if necessary to have sufficient bowel movements. Again, drink 8-10 ounces of water after each use of HP ICF #2. It may be necessary to repeat the cleansing process 4 to 5 times in order to remove a lifetime build up of mucous lining. 

Basically take the same way as mentioned before 5 times daily or more if needed in order to slow up your bowel activity. However do not use HP ICF #1 if you’re suffering from diarrhea type problems. This remedy will slow bowel activity and begin a NATURAL healing process. 


SIZE: 5.5 Grams

CDH ICF #2 (Powder)

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