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This includes the products necessary to complete one Bowel Intestinal Cleanse. (May need additional ICF#1 if client has chronic constipation)



-1 Superfood

-1 ICF #1

-1 ICF #2 (Powder)

Cleanse Directions


**ICF #2 is also available in Capsules


*It is recommended everyone completes regular Intestinal Cleanses and is included in our Calendar of Cleanses. 


Intestinal Cleanse

It’s been said that Death Begins in the Colon. More recent discussion centers around the Microbiome, which most people have no clue what this is, but they are sure hearing a lot about it. Lets keep it simple, Gut Health (Microbiome) is the Key to ALL Health.


Country Doctor’s Intestinal Corrective Formulae, ICF#1 and 2 are a synergistic blend of natural compounds which promote and restore normal function to the GI Trac . When there is any build up of mucous, diverticulitis, polyps, etc. Anyone who has lived in America for any length of time has to some degree this type of problem. A Quarterly Cleansing routine with ICF#1 and 2 will help insure the chances of this build up producing negative health and performance is diminished greatly.


You may need to do 3 to 5 of these dependent on your personal health evaluation and history.

As you embark on this cleansing routine, it is vital you start with ICF#1 first which gently improves the peristaltic tone of the bowel, producing more elimination daily. The average person, in order to maintain health should be having between 3 and 5 BM’s DAILY. Not loose, not hard, with a sense of complete elimination.


Once a minimum of 2 to 3 BM’s have been achieved daily, THEN you can factor in ICF#2 which is the actual cleansing compounds. As you continue the cleansing process, be aware that you may experience:

Increased Volume and Frequency of Elimination
Dark Fluffy in appearance Stools
You May See Odd Shapes And Colors, DO NOT BE ALARMED
You may feel slightly toxic or Nauseous, eat a baked potato
More Foul Smelling Gas for a short period of time. As you expose old sulfur pockets from foods eaten in the past such as eggs.


The only concerns I have experienced with this cleanse is when people start ICF#2 too quickly and produce a self inflicted constipation. Should this happen, stop ICF#2, Increase ICF#1 and hydration, get back on track before bringing ICF#2 back into the cleansing process.


Remember, ICF #1 is Food for the Colon, it is designed to be used long term . .


Unless you are muscle testing the number of cleanses that should be performed, Do one cleanse and then see how your responding, you should feel lighter, less aches and pains, better elimination all around, less toxic feeling.


Retail Price is: $100.50


Pick up the Cleanse Handout for Clients under FREE DOWNLOADS

Intestinal Bowel Cleanse Kit (Powder)

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