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  "Lobelia is perhaps the most powerful and versatile herb known to man.  At Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we have experienced the reliability of this herb more than any other.  Dr. Christopher used to say, 'Lobelia is a thinking herb'.  I also agree with Dr. Samuel Thompson, 'There is no herb which the earth produces more harmless in its effect on the human system, and none more powerful in removing disfunction and promoting health than Lobelia.'  To quote Dr. Christopher again, 'Lobelia is a general corrector of the whole system, as it is easily diffused and able to influence the entire body.'

    If you look up Lobelia in any of the old allopathic medical reference materials, you will find it listed as a poison and be cautioned not to use it.  This is a ridiculous, false statement with absolutely no basis of fact. Lobelia inflata is entirely destitute of any poisonous or narcotic powers and is a valuable, safe and well recognized component of natural health!" -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.

Lobelia herb (Lobelia inflata), seeds & raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar.

Lobelia has two main uses, 1) acts as an antispasmodic; 2) acts as bronchodilator and expectorant. As a powerful antispasmodic, Lobelia causes immediate relaxation and expansion of the contracted parts of the respiratory system (bronchial tubes, esophagus, glottis, and larynx), quickly relieving breathing difficulty. Its therapeutic action as a bronchodilator and expectorant is felt immediately on the serous, mucous, muscular and nervous systems, especially the sympathetic nervous systems allowing oxygenated blood to flow freely. Other common uses for Lobelia include (but are not limited to) relief of lock jaw, angina pectoris, circulatory problems, colic, convulsions, cough, cramps, earache, eczema, epilepsy, fevers, female problems, inflammation, insect stings and bites, and laryngitis.

2 droppers full daily or as recommended by a health care professional. In an emergency, up to 5 droppers full or more may be taken as needed. An overdose is not dangerous, but may cause sweating and vomiting until dry heaves occur.  Client will recover.

SIZE: 2 oz. 


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