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    "In my years of practice, clients suffering from panic attacks, emotional tension, hysteria, neuroses, agitation, nervousness or headache have had excellent results with HP Nervine.

    At Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we have clients reporting to us they have actually used this product on their show horses and 4-H show steers with great results! One young girl, showing a 4-H steer, gave it to her steer. It took the edge off the steer and she could handle it in the arena. Many farriers carry this remedy to use for horses that are hard to shoe or trim." -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.

Proprietary Blend - Valerian root, Passion flower, Wood Betony herb, Black Cohosh root, Chamomile flowers, Hops flowers, Skullcap herb, Mistletoe leaf, White Willow bark, and Catnip herb & flower.

An herbal combination which will support the bodies ability to maintain normal performance regarding nervous tension, insomnia, and anxiety.  Effective in relaxing the body to induce rest and sleep.  Relieves muscle tension, reduces discomfort.

Two or 3 droppers full three times a day or as recommended by health care professional. Most effective when taken with a cup of celery juice or distilled water. 

WARNING:  When used as a natural sleep aid, do not take sleeping pills with this product.  


SIZE: 2 oz.  


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