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Welcome to Practice BluePrint! We are pleased to share with you, over 20 years of results driven, business success in the Nutritional Therapy Industry. It is our hope as you develop your Future with us, you will realize the necessary mechanics and dynamics required to create, market, attract, sustain and advance your professional impact as a Wellness Professional.


Practice BluePrint is Organized to maximize your understanding of the clinical requirements necessary to achieve clinical mastery while building upon a solid foundation. 


Our Collaboration together will span decades into the future. This is not a one time classroom experience with little to no lasting support. We are a family of practitioners with a singleness of purpose, “To be able to help everyone we come in contact with." We lock arms together for the long term effectiveness and stability so future generations will have access to this type of care. 


This experience is based on action, not discussion. You will be challenged to Utilize what you have been exposed to, The Learning is in the Doing! There is NO substitute for this. The nature of our educational experience LOCKS in the success pattern required for you to achieve Confidence and Competence as fast as possible. 


Because many practitioners start off as small, “one person operations, trying to do it all” type of businesses. You will learn the necessary Systems that are are easily and effectively reproducible so your clinic will flow in the following areas:


Attraction of New Clients

Proper Intake of those New Clients

Initial Evaluations of the New Clients

Effective Education Pieces so New Clients Multiply

Consistent Flow of New Clients

Consistent Long Term Referrals By Existing Clients 

Consistent Long Term Retention of Clients

High Volume/Low Fee/Results Driven Systems


These are just a few of the many experiences you WILL have once you have applied the Practice BluePrint FOCUS model to your business. 


An Amazing experience awaits you and your clients as we embark together, delivering Optimum Heath and Wellness to as many people as we can!


To your great health, impact and prosperity, naturally


Dr. Dan Young, BCTN, CNC



Country Doctor Nutritional Center

Country Doctor Herbals

Practice BluePrint


*Included - 1 Month session, 2 Hours total mentoring with Dr. Dan and continual support through the Practice BluePrint App or by direct messaging.

One on One Mentoring with Dr. Dan Young, BCTN, BCN, CNC

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