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"I hesitate to put this herbal formula on the market because when a person has concerns involving pain, the concern is similar to a warning light on your car. When it comes on it's telling you, 'Hey, something's wrong here fix me.'  Pain is a symptom similar to that warning light, 'Hey, something's wrong, fix me.'  We know from clinical experience, most headaches, including migraine headaches, are caused by a constipated area of the colon.

As with all of our herbal formulas, this synergistic blend promotes normal function for folks who have concerns involving pain, without side affects or after affects.  If you suffer from minor pain, use HP RELIEVE for natural support and begin the HP Foundation Cleansing Programs and Nutritional Program." 
-Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.
Proprietary Blend - Frankincense, Feverfew, Ginger root, Ginko Biloba leaf, Milk Thistle seed, Radish leaf, Rosemary leaf, Scullcap, Turmeric root, White Willow bark and Cayenne pepper.

An all natural formula designed to naturally aid the bodies ability to rid itself of pain from early migraine headaches, joint pain, muscle aches, back pain, arthritic pain, and minor daily aches and pains.

One to four droppers full when needed or 1 dropper full each hour until noticeable improvement is obtained or as directed by a health care professional. Can be used on an "as needed" basis. 
Wellness is a journey...not a destination!


SIZE: 2 oz. 


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