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    "Enzymes are called the 'spark of life'!  They play a role in all biochemical activity occurring in the body.  They are essential for providing energy, repairing tissue, organs and cells, stimulating the brain, and digesting food.

    Over time, enzymes wear out and must be replaced. Up to about the age of 35, we all have a massive enzyme bank built into our bodies.  This age group can get away with eating anything they want without digestive problems!  They can combine foods devastating to their digestive tracts with only mild indigestion symptoms, heal, recover from injuries, and get over hangovers faster!

    However, after the age of 35, our enzyme bank starts to rapidly deplete.  We can no longer 'get away with eating and drinking anything' without impacting our health.  The enzyme bank has rapidly decreased and an enzyme supplement is absolutely necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system.

    I believe we have formulated the best enzyme combination anywhere. HP S-Zymes not only aid in digestion of all foods you eat, but enhance any HP product being taken for immune challenges such as viral infections, sports injuries, food allergies, cystic fibrosis, immune disorders and numerous chronic illnesses.

    At Country Doctor Nutritional Center, we take pride in the Nutritional Program and Foundation Program we have provided our clients on their path to wellness. HP S-Zymes...a fundamental part of our programs."
-Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.


Bromelain; Enzyme blend of Serratiopeptidase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase and Quercitin.


An enzymatic formula designed to eliminate inflammation by causing a catalytic reaction to accelerate millions of biochemical reactions controlling and causing life.

One to two capsules with each meal as a digestive aid. For inflammation, gout, sports injuries or chronic illness, (2) capsules three times daily one hour before food intake.
"Good therapy is one that stimulates the healer within." - Albert Schweitzer

SIZE: 60 Capsules

CDH S-Zymes

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