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"Gum disease creates a direct route for infection into the blood stream. Make good oral hygiene a regular part of your daily wellness routine." -Samuel Young, M.H., N.D.

Proprietary Blend - White Oak bark, Horsetail grass, Cranesbill root, Elecampane root, Goldenseal root, Oregon Grape root, Hyssop herb, Myrrh gum, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Peppermint leaf, Clove buds and Cayenne pepper.

Promotes normal function regarding circulation to the teeth and gums. Used regularly it supports the bodies ability to rebuild bone loss, tighten teeth, tighten gums and re-grow the gums. Promotes normal function regarding bleeding gums due to plaque build up, gingivitis damage to the teeth and gums. This product is wonderful in relation to supporting normal immune system function in the event immune challenges may be present.

For best results use a Water Pic.  Place 4 to 6 droppers full of the tincture into the water reservoir along with warm water.  Use the strongest setting tolerable. If gum infection is suspected, use in conjunction with HP Virex.

Add 2 droppers full of HP Tooth and Gum to 2 ounces of water, rinse mouth thoroughly, swishing and straining the solution through all teeth. A cotton swab can be used to massage the solution directly into the gums. If used daily, bleeding gums may become a thing of the past.

SIZE: 2 oz. 


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